Thino did an excellent job! I was very impressed with the quality of his work and high level of professionalism. Highly recommend!.”

Emily Ketchum

Student, University of Central Arkansas

I had the amazing opportunity to have a headshot session with Yobheadshot . Thino is so professional and he tries his best to make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful. He’s very knowledgeable about how what’s aesthetically appealing and what will catch anyone’s eyes. Definitely booking another session with him!

Infiniti Ingraham

Student, University of Central Arkansas

To my students I express the extreme importance of professional headshots for resumes, LinkedIn, job boards etc. It was time I followed my own advice upon scheduling an appointment with Yobheadshot. I am very pleased with the results. Thino is a talented photographer and great motivator. He was prompt to our appointment, very professional and made the ’shoot’ fun. Afterwards he guided me successfully through the somewhat difficult photo selection process. I enjoyed every part of this experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Thino and Yobheadshot.

Bill Doshier

Marketing Professor, University of Central Arkansas

On a day to day basis I’m quite a private person, I go out of my way to avoid having my picture taken. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of having my headshot taken by Valenthino. As a person, he was gracious and personable, and as a photographer I was impressed by how poised an professional he was from beginning to end. There was nothing rushed about the shoot and for his part, he spared no effort to ensure that I was comfortable and happy with the images. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would happily request his services again

Louise Mandumbwa

Art Student, University of Central Arkansas

Taking this headshot with Thino made me realized that photography is really an art!! Thino is by far the best photographer I have seen. Made me believe in myself. Its unbelievable how nice this guy is. Played some good music during the session! Do not even have the words to describe how Smooth this headshot session was with Thino !!

Adamou Bello Barkire

Student, University of Central Arkansas

The photo session I had with Thino was awesome. He’s very easygoing and his relaxed personality helped me feel better about being on the other side of the camera. He’s great at walking you through the process and helping you achieve an amazing headshot! I definitely recommend Thino for your headshot or other photography needs:)

Madeline Howard

Graduate Student, University of Central Arkansas

First of all, the photographer is of the humblest and inspiring people I have met. He is so passionate and he loves his job. He coached me during the entire photo session and the pictures are nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for a photographer look no farther or perhaps if you are having second thoughts I want to assure you he is the best. I enjoyed every bit of my photo session. Looking forward to using his services again. Great experience!.”

Ophelia Akoto

MBA Student, UCA

Thino is not only an amazing photographer but a caring person! I enjoyed my photo session so much and would use him again in a heartbeat.

To anybody needing any type of photography done, please contact him!.”

Zach Hull

Entrepreneur, Mars Pizza Project

I was not overly excited about needing to get headshots taken. Thino changed that immediately. Starting with his amazing portfolio, great communication and training in advance, to the way he makes you feel the minute you enter his studio, and ending with photos that give you something to smile about. I couldn’t be happier and can’t imagine anyone having less than a 5 Star experience with him!

Sara Sawadogo

Graduate Student, Troy University

Amazing photographer, very professional and friendly. I needed to have a professional photosoot for my LinkedIn and I contacted him for it. The results were excellent and we had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. The price was also very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Karl Malory

Student, University of Central Arkansas

“I enjoyed my photos session last Thursday March 14th. At first, I was somewhat intimidated as this was my first headshot. However, Thino’s expertise and professionalism helped to get to the result. I loved my photos. I strongly recommend Thino Headshot for professional photos.”

Justine Koffi

MBA Student, University of Central Arkansas

“Thino is hands down Arkansas’s BEST! A true 5 star experience, fun yet very professional. Makes you feel & look like a STAR. My headshot received RAVING reviews, people absolutely loved it, I loved it and will never go anywhere else!
Look no further, if you want a headshot Thino is your guy!!.

Franck Tiendrebeogo

Plant Manager, Simmons

Thino exceeded all my expectations. He helped me with confidence in taking head shots when I began to second guess myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. I had so many people comment how it looked like I was having so much fun in my pictures, and honestly, I was. He is the most amazingly friendly photographer who also has a great artistic eye. If you feel awkward and nervous in front of a camera just like me, don’t worry, Thino will take care of it. I’m not exactly what you’d call “photogenic” but he gave me a ton of pointers while shooting and my pictures looked AMAZING. He is one of the best photographers to work with–took stress away from the whole day instead of adding to it. Thank you for such wonderful work.

Bingyu Zhu

Resident Coordinator, University of Central Arkansas Housing Department

The professional headshots I got were beyond my expectations. Thino is a great photographer and definitely, recommend to anyone looking for a business headshot at a reasonable price.

Abdallah Barthe

Student, University of Central Arkansas

“My experience working with Thino Headshot couldn’t have been better. Valentin took the time to educate us on modeling techniques that work best for this type of photography, made sure we felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time, directed us with clarity and a good eye during the actual photo-taking, and gave us final products we really love. He’s a skilled photographer and photo-editor, and a really fun guy to hang out with in the process of getting it done. If you’re in Central Arkansas and need headshots done, I write with conviction that the place to start is Thino Headshot.

Michael Doshier

Student, New York University

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