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The growth of your business heavily relies on the perception of potential clients and partners of the cohesive image your company presents to the world.

Marketing is not only for promoting your services or products but also for communicating the strength of teamwork within your company. One crucial aspect of this cohesive image is having consistent headshots for all team members.

Consistent headshots help to convey a sense of unity and professionalism across the entire team, making your company more attractive to potential clients and partners.

Saline Dental is a dental office in Benton, Arkansas. We had the opportunity ro capture their new staff headshots.

What Is A Group Headshot?

The term group headshot refers to a set of business headshots typically found on company websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. Most professionals post group headshots to their LinkedIn profiles.

You can use group headshots to showcase your team members’ professionalism, friendliness, and competence. The first step to creating a great brand is to have an excellent headshot that helps your company increase sales or attract investors.

It is best to maintain consistency among the team’s headshots as much as possible. Create a corporate account to allow group members to send themselves to a studio when it is convenient for them if none of them are available at the same time/place.



2-5 People / $225 Per Individual

6-15 people / $175 Per Individual

16-30 people / $145 Per Individual

31-50 people / $125 Per Individual

51-70 people / $115 Per Individual

71-100 people / 95 Per Individual

Planning the Shoot

To find out how much your quote will cost, fill out our form or give us a call.

You will hear from us shortly to discuss the details of your request.

Identify a date or dates for the shoot – We will set a date or dates together.

Send your team a copy of Picture Day is Coming email – Here are pro tips for getting ready for picture day.


Conway, Arkansas organization for Children advocacy team headshots. Team headshots is something we at Yobheadshot we specialize In.
Behind the scenes at YobHeadshot. Headshots sessions are a craft we make sure to set tup every detail from the technical of lighting to backdrops.

The Day of the Shoot

We need a table and 2 chairs, as well as an electrical outlet before 30 minutes before the shoot time.

Touch Ups – Last-minute adjustments can be done at our mirrored station.

To help each person achieve the best shot, we will coach them.

We will help every subject select the best image after reviewing a full-size image.

Back to Work – The entire process will take you about ten minutes per Person.


After the Shoot

  • Retouchers – Get rid of stray hairs, red spots, blemishes, etc., that distract from your natural beauty.
  • The digital images are delivered 3 working days after the shoot to your cloud storage account. Go crazy, you own all the rights


ELLIOTT ELECTRICAL INC. Team Headshot in Arkansas by YOBHeadshot

Want a quick quote or don’t like filling out forms? We’ve got you covered!

Give Thino a call or text at (501) 737 0909 or an email at thino@yobheadshot.com

Booking options for teams have been made more flexible


Streamline the process of organizing your team’s headshots.
A messy schedule across locations, departments, and teams are challenging. Your entire team can access a common booking page to make it easier. Let your team members schedule their headshot session when it is convenient for them. There is no coordination required! The setup fee will be waived on all sites with a consistent look!

Want a quick quote or don’t like filling out forms? We’ve got you covered!

Give Thino a call or text at (501) 737 0909 or an email at thino@yobheadshot.com

Here is what we offer

With our easy, online process, onboarding new staff and team members has never been easier.

Real-time review & selection

You and your team can select the best image on-site with help from a photo technician.

Quick Turn Around & Studio follow-ups

Our studio is available for 10-minute meetings with new employees. We can get your Headshots Ready as early as 3 Business Days !

Have Specifics needs Please Let us Know!

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