Taking ERAS of Harley Ramsey

Taking ERAS of Harley Ramsey

Photographing Harley for her ERAS Headshots was a great pleasure of mine

Harley Ramsey booked me this September as ERAS approached and when I got back to her, I knew instantly that she will be a great Person to photograph. 

As it is customary for me, I made sure she got the information to get ready and also more questions that she wanted to ask. Being a Headshot Photographer in the Little Rock Area is a pleasure always to get to see the smiles on people’s faces whenever we get their Best shots!


Below are just few of the Photos we took as Her Headshots 




Few Behind the Scenes from the Session at the Photography Studio of our Headshot Session

We are always looking to shoot with ERAS and Medical students applying for their Residency and looking to take great Headshots for Residency that will meet the Requirements for the ERAS portal.
You may get more information on eras on our ERAS page


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