Taking ERAS of Harley Ramsey

Taking ERAS of Harley Ramsey

Photographing Harley for her ERAS Headshots was a great pleasure of mine

Harley Ramsey booked me this September as ERAS approached and when I got back to her, I knew instantly that she will be a great Person to photograph. 

As it is customary for me, I made sure she got the information to get ready and also more questions that she wanted to ask. Being a Headshot Photographer in the Little Rock Area is a pleasure always to get to see the smiles on people’s faces whenever we get their Best shots!


Below are just few of the Photos we took as Her Headshots 




Few Behind the Scenes from the Session at the Photography Studio of our Headshot Session

We are always looking to shoot with ERAS and Medical students applying for their Residency and looking to take great Headshots for Residency that will meet the Requirements for the ERAS portal.
You may get more information on eras on our ERAS page


How we edit Headshots

How we edit Headshots

Headshots look great when taken, however, sometimes we need to take some blemishes away for it to look excellent and perfect!

Below are just before and after of how a usual edit goes When the Photo is taken to when it is Ready

Before Edit of Headshots



How to Prepare for Headshots [Full Guide]

How to Prepare for Headshots [Full Guide]

How to prepare for your Professional Business Photo session


For a successful professional headshots session, be yourself and feel comfortable.

Hair and makeup, the clothes you wear and your attitude have a great impact on the outcome of your headshots photos. From a casual look to a business look, the secret is to know your style and dress with confidence. 

 What to wear for Headshots Sessions

The neckline is very important, since the headshot is a close crop on your head and shoulders. 

Well fitted and tailored clothing is a must, as baggy clothing will make you look larger than you desire.

For clothes I strongly recommend single color clothes (no strong patterns either) both
Below are some examples of a some great recommendation about clothes

So for the Wardrobe I will ask you  to Bring as many outfits as possible, so we could choose among the best possible.
It better to have more than have some that will not great choice.

I am expecting at least 5 differents outfits so we could choose ! Use the picture below for inspiration, but don’t hesitate to bring as many as possible so we could select among. 


Wardrobe to prepare for headshots

Headshots preparations for Ladies Only

This section is for the ladies. Guys… please don’t wear makeup; it’ll be very noticeable. 

Just as with clothing, “keep it simple” is the name of the game here, less-is-more. If you think about how stage makeup is purposefully overdone to stand out at a distance, headshot makeup should be the opposite. You need much less in such a close shot, and too much will be very noticeable. Keep it light and natural.

My lighting will help to minimize wrinkles and retouching will take care of those little blemishes we all have.


Clean and Natural

  • Soft and natural colors with a fresh appearance.
  • Should be complimenting not distracting. 

Bold – Not Recommended

  • Heavy contouring, pronounced cheek bones. 
  • Too much and we can tread into high fashion.

Clean and Natural

Light eyeshadow.

Soft natural colors.

No hard edges or lines.

Bold – Not Recommended

Smokey eyes.

Winged mascara.

Hard edges or lines.

Clean and Natural

Slight contouring, soft definition of cheek bones.

Should give your face subtle depth.

Bold – Not Recommended

Heavy contouring, pronounced cheek bones.

Too much and we can tread into high fashion.


As we work through your session we can always adjust the makeup, so start with less and we can go from there. 

How to Know if a Suit Fits for your Headshots (Optional)

Must Watch before Session