Photographing Headshots : How is it like ?

February 6, 2020
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As someone who might need headshots taken it could be feeling nervous, photographing Headshots with me doesn’t have to be and I will explain.


Either you are a person who is looking for a photographer for Headshots or a photographer trying to understand how to do Headshots.

1. Choose your Photographer for Headshots wisely

Well, this is for people planning to get headshots. However, you should take the time to choose your photographer wisely.

because the person who will photograph you will have a great impact on not only how your photos might come up.

Also, Headshots are more about micro-expressions than anything else. So be sure to get someone base on their portfolio.

Do You want to Smile ?. Choose someone who has a portfolio of smiling faces. Do you like Fun sessions? Well, read a little bit about the reviews.

2. Share what you’re expecting

I cannot stretch this enough. As a photographer myself, I always expect people to share information with me.

Not everyone needs the Executive looking headshots. Some People are just looking to change careers.

Many are real estate professionals.  Therefore the ways to take his headshots are different.

Headshots professionals should know this. Someone in sales wants to look more approachable.

A New graduate wants to look confident and photographing headshots for them should be a focus on that.

3. Have Fun

Let me Repeat Have fun while Photographing Headshots.






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