How to Prepare for Headshots [Full Guide]

March 13, 2019
Summary : How to prepare for your Professional Business Photo session. I will be guiding through how to get ready before your Headshot session : clothes, MakeUp, and Facial expressions more

How to prepare for your Professional Business Photo session


I. Preparing for your Professional Business Photo Session

Before your photoshoot, there are several things you can do to prepare for the best possible outcome. Follow these tips to make sure you are ready for your headshot session.

A. Choose the Right Outfit

Your outfit has a significant impact on the outcome of your headshot photos. Choose well-fitted and tailored clothing, as baggy clothing can make you look larger than you want. Solid-colored clothes work best, as patterns can be distracting and take away from your face. It is recommended to bring at least five different outfits to choose from.

B. Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are essential to achieving the perfect headshot. Consider hiring a professional stylist to help you achieve your desired look. Here are some additional tips for hair and makeup:

  • Keep the makeup natural and light, as heavy makeup may not be flattering in a close-up shot. We recommend working with one of our MakeUp artists.
  • Make sure your hair is styled in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. We recommend working we one of our Professional hairstylists.

C. Consider Your Neckline

The neckline of your clothing is essential since the headshot is a close crop on your head and shoulders. Choose a neckline that complements your face and emphasizes your best features.

D. Be Confident

We will coach you throughout the session yet a relaxed and confident attitude will make it easier and translate into great headshots.

II. Headshots Preparations for Ladies Only

Preparing for headshots can be different for men and women. Here are some additional tips for ladies to achieve the best possible outcome:

A. Keep it Simple

“Keep it simple” is the name of the game when it comes to makeup. Less is more, and heavy makeup can be very noticeable in a close-up shot.

B. Minimize Wrinkles

Professional lighting can help to minimize wrinkles in your headshots. Additionally, our retouching will take care of minor blemishes and other imperfections.

C. Communicate with your Photographer

Communication with us is key to achieving the best results possible. Make sure to let us know what you are looking for in your headshots, any specific poses or angles you prefer, and any concerns you may have. Feel free to us know if you have some features you will like to de-emphasize.


With the right preparation and mindset, we will achieve fantastic headshots that highlight your best features and represent you professionally. Headshots that you will love.


Wardrobe to prepare for headshots

Headshots preparations for Ladies Only

This section is for the ladies. Guys… please don’t wear makeup; it’ll be very noticeable. 

Just as with clothing, “keep it simple” is the name of the game here, less-is-more. If you think about how stage makeup is purposefully overdone to stand out at a distance, headshot makeup should be the opposite. You need much less in such a close shot, and too much will be very noticeable. Keep it light and natural.

My lighting will help to minimize wrinkles and retouching will take care of those little blemishes we all have.


Clean and Natural

  • Soft and natural colors with a fresh appearance.
  • Should be complimenting not distracting. 

Bold – Not Recommended

  • Heavy contouring, pronounced cheek bones. 
  • Too much and we can tread into high fashion.

Clean and Natural

Light eyeshadow.

Soft natural colors.

No hard edges or lines.

Bold – Not Recommended

Smokey eyes.

Winged mascara.

Hard edges or lines.

Clean and Natural

Slight contouring, soft definition of cheek bones.

Should give your face subtle depth.

Bold – Not Recommended

Heavy contouring, pronounced cheek bones.

Too much and we can tread into high fashion.


As we work through your session we can always adjust the makeup, so start with less and we can go from there. 

How to Know if a Suit Fits for your Headshots (Optional)

Must Watch before Session

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