What’s the Difference Between Theatrical and Commercial Headshots?

What’s the Difference Between Theatrical and Commercial Headshots?

What’s the Difference Between Theatrical and Commercial Headshots?

Headshots are an integral part of the acting and modeling industry, and there are many different types of headshots to choose from, which can lead to confusion about what’s the best type to get. We take a look at some of the differences between theatrical and commercial headshots so you can figure out which one will serve you best in your next project or audition.

Everything about actor headshots

When it comes to headshots, there’s a lot of confusion. Many actors believe that an actor headshot is one specific type of image—but in reality, there are many types. Each one serves a different purpose. This means that it’s essential for actors to know their options when it comes to headshot terminology. While some terms may be confusing at first, these ideas should help clarify things. Here’s what you need to know about each type of actor headshot: * CURRENT SHOT- This is usually your most recent look; whether it’s from a play or from your most recent interview or commercial, updating your current shot every two years will ensure that potential agents and casting directors can see how you look right now. * USP HEADSHOT- A unique selling point (USP) shot takes advantage of something special about your face—maybe it shows off those beautiful eyes of yours or perhaps displays your award-winning smile.

Think like a Casting Director when you look at headshot photographers

if you were in charge of hiring actors for a commercial, how would you choose who to cast? Casting directors often look for people with high-quality headshots that show great personality, rather than just being limited to looking for actors whose appearance matches a certain role. Look at your resume as well: Do you want to be seen as someone who specializes in comedy, or drama, or action roles? Your photos should make it clear which genres you’d be best suited for. It can also help if they’re consistent: If you have one photo that shows your messy hair and tattoos—but then have another photo where you’ve styled your hair nicely and covered up your tattoos—it might seem like casting directors won’t know what type of roles will suit you best.

Differences between a commercial and theatrical Headshot

What’s in a name really is just a matter of semantics, because, let’s face it, when it comes to headshots they both have one thing in common – they are all working towards securing you more work. So what is the difference between theatrical and commercial headshots? Really nothing at all. In either situation, your headshot will be displayed on an agent’s desk (or casting director), who will then decide whether or not to book you for an audition based on that piece of paper with your name printed across it. However, there is another subtle difference between theatrical headshots vs commercials that might be helpful to know before booking your next session. When we use these terms commercial and theatrical what we are really referring to is how each type of headshot should look and feel. And by looking and feeling I mean literally; i.e., how does your picture look? How does it make us feel? More specifically though, here we’ll go over some important differences when thinking about commercial versus theatrical: pose, styling, background and lighting. Simply a Commercial Headshot will be probably a White background with you smiling and a simple casual or business formal outfit. Theatrical Headshots are just the opposite as they are more dramatic with less smile. They are more to show that you can put yourself in many different Characters

Differences in how your headshot will be used

Obviously, a theatrical headshot will be different from a commercial one. If you’re just starting out in your acting career, however, it can be hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen when you get that first call requesting a headshot. While there are no rules set in stone about how your first headshot should look or who should take it, there are some general guidelines that all actors should consider when looking for their first actor headshot (and then follow up with each time they order new photos). Here are five quick points to help you decide which type of actor headshot is right for you: […] #1: What kind of role do you want to book? #2: Who’s taking your photo? #3: Where do you plan on living/working as an actor? #4: Is location important for any future projects? #5: How big of a budget can you spend on headshots? […]

Choosing your Headshot photographer based on your needs

Choosing your headshot photographer can be a little overwhelming. After all, you’re trying to find someone who can not only capture your beauty but also highlight your personality. Luckily, there are many important factors to consider when deciding who will be best for you. Two of these factors include knowing what type of headshot you need (theatrical or commercial) and figuring out how much time you have to get a photo taken before an audition or meeting with a casting director/agent/producer. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! To help make sure you select your photographer wisely and aren’t wasting valuable time hunting down that perfect shot, here is a list of things to think about when making your decision: Cost – Although price should never be too high of a priority, it does play into whether you’ll book an appointment for pictures. Whether looking for theatrical headshots in Little Rock or commercial headshots in Los Angeles, expect prices to differ based on location and experience level. Find out if they charge per hour or by the project (this lets them come up with their own price). Final costs vary depending on Experience, extra hours spent shooting photos over one-hour blocks that are included in project pricing, Extra editing costs, etc.
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